A flower for today: Dahlia

The Dahlia Flower from my garden

I had forgotten the time when dahlia flowers appear in gardens. Missing the garden of my childhood, where my mother used to dahlias, I planted dahlias in my garden every year, here in Southend-On-Sea, but only now, in my third year here, did I have my first dahlia flower.

Today’s flower has a more purple colour. I don’t know much about the language of colours, but it seems that this colour is associated with hope.

I use to visit my garden every morning. This morning it was already very hot in the garden, but I could not resist the temptation to inspect every corner of the garden (after all, I do not have a large garden). And I saw the beautiful dahlia flower open in all its splendour. I like to believe that it is a sign not only for the joy of the eyes, but also for the hope for the soul, as every day comes in our lives with new expectations.

What flower of your childhood do you remember today? Put an image with the flower that you remember or associate with today and maybe add a thought to share with others.

As for me, the words of Psalm 32, verse 22 fit perfectly: “May your unfailing love be with us, LORD, even as we put our hope in you.”

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  1. Lovely post Bernard! I have also noticed the dahlias in my garden getting scorched by the sun! However the flower from my childhood has to be the roses my parents grew, I still love them now and have quite a few of my own, but they have to have a scent. When I went to water the garden this morning I had the lovely surprise of reaching the tap behind one of my roses and being immersed in a really gentle, kind and smooth scent that was originally grown in my Great- Aunts’ garden. Took me straight back to them and how disciplined and uncluttered they lived their lives.

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