Bible Study – Let’s go for a walk and tell stories

11th November 2020 – 11th February 2021

now the Bible very well, perhaps even reading it several times from cover to cover. As I considered, the first thing that came to my mind was to find a special perspective through which to approach the sacred text. And this you gave to me, when some of you told how many things you discovered in the walks you did during the isolation period.

Your stories reminded me of how the evangelist Luke responds to one of the Christians he knew very well and who wanted to know Jesus better. After making an “investigation” (Luke 1: 3), Luke offers that Christian (and us) a text like a story of a walk together for a lifetime, inviting that Christian to take the same walk.

Luke’s answer is simple: let us and Jesus walk together.

I have planned the Bible Study following the logic of a walk together, convinced that we would have time to talk a lot about how we see the world, Jesus and ourselves. So I invite you to come on this walking journey (unfortunately via Zoom), by registering on the form that you can find when leaving the church or by e-mail: or by phone 01702 316844.

Each week there will be two opportunities.

Here is the program:

1. Who is he? – An introduction to the Gospel according to Luke

11th November – 7:30 PM

12th November – 11:00 AM

2 – Let’s walk – Walking together, the best way to know each other (Luke 1:1-4).

18 November – 7:30 PM

19 November – 11:00 AM

3 – Our story begins with our birthday, where our life starts, and our life in the family (Luke 1:5-3:38)

25 November – 7:30 PM

26 November – 11:00 AM

4 – It’s time to fly out of the nest – the vocation begins to become reality (Luke 4)

2 December – 7:30 PM

3 December – 11:00 AM

5 – The life’s project takes shape (Luke 5-8)

9 December – 7:30 PM

10 December – 11:00 AM

6 – The project must survive us – the involvement of those around us (Luke 9-13)

16 December – 7:30 PM

17 December – 11:00 AM

7 – We and the world around us – authority and society (Luke 14-19)

13 January – 7:30 PM

14 January – 11:00 AM

8 – Whose guest would we like to be? After all, who are we? (Luke 19-21)

20 January – 7:30 PM

21 January – 11:00 AM

9 – Not everyone around us is what they seem to be, but it’s a shame to sacrifice a moment of joy together (Luke 22:1-65)

27 January – 7:30 PM

28 January – 11:00 AM

10 – Our departure from this world will give many the expected answers, even to us (Luke 22:66 – 23:56)

3 February – 7:30 PM

4 February – 11:00 AM

11 – It was great together – nothing is the same as before (Luke 24)

10 February – 7:30 PM

11 February – 11:00 AM

All materials will be available on the parish website one week before each meeting:

Those who register for the study will receive the materials directly at their e-mail address. or

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