Bible Study – Luke. Session 11: It was great together – nothing is the same as before (Luke 24)

I. A few days before the session, the following text could be sent to the participants in order to better prepare and be active.

1. Luke 24 can be divided:

  • a) 24:1-10;
  • b) 24:11;
  • c) 24:12;
  • d) 24:13-24;
  • e) 24:25-31;
  • f) 24:32-35;
  • g) 24:36-43;
  • h) 24:44-49;
  • i) 24:50-53;

2. In the table below there are several task, in order to prepare our session. Please try to complete the tasks.

Read the entire chapter 24 of the Gospel of Luke.
Choose one of the divisions in point 1.
Explain to the other members of the group why you chose that division.
Give a title to the chosen division.

3. Please read this text. It is not a task to be done! Our Bible Study sessions took place as an imaginary journey with Jesus, a journey to which we were invited by the evangelist Luke. Our (virtual) journey began in Nazareth and ended around Jerusalem. Luke tells us that “traveling” with Jesus is the best way to get to know him. We divided this journey into 11 stages. With this session, we reached the last stage. Meanwhile, “we grew up”: in age, understanding, we gained more experience. Our life can no longer be the same as it was when we started the journey. Even without realizing it, the journey changed us. Some of us went through all the stages, participating in all the sessions, others were with us in certain stages. That’s how it is in life. But we all influence ourselves or others, or we are influenced in one way or another, no matter how little. The next page contains a more complicated chart in which we have different levels that overlap and represent the different stages, as seen on the left of the graph. But these are the stages of our Bible Study.

On the right, there are 11 empty oval shapes. This is not a new task to do for our last meeting. But it is an invitation to try to present in 11 stages our common history with someone we love (who is still with us or who has been called to God). Let’s think of this story as a walk together. In conclusion, let’s try to answer, in the light of the 11 stages, the double question: who is that person for me and who am I because of the common history with that person.

Print the chart and try to complete it for your personal use. The chart can be used for as many people and events as you want. It can also be useful for meditations on life, gifts received, moments we have overcome due to the presence of others, etc.

I look forward to meeting you.

Revd. Bernard Noghiu

~~~~ ###### ~~~~

II. The following materials are intended for the group leader, in order to prepare the meeting.

During this session, the group leader will mention the general title of the Bible Study and the fact that it is the last session.

The leader will suggest to the group members from the beginning that in their explanations they take into account how they think they are no longer how they were before starting this Bible Study and how they think they were influenced.

The leader will give more time to the members of the group, and in the end he will explain, briefly, how the graph from point 3 can be used.

The group leader will thank the members and ask them if they agree to complete a feedback, material that can be useful for preparing other Bible Study programs.

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