Bible Study – Luke. Session 8: Whose guest would we like to be? After all, who are we? (Luke 19-21)

I. A few days before the session, the following text could be sent to the participants in order to better prepare and be active.

1. Luke 19-21 can be divided:

  • a) 19:1-10;
  • b) 19:11-27;
  • c) 19:28-40;
  • d) 19:41-44;
  • e) 19:47-48;
  • f) 20:1-8;
  • g) 20:9-16;
  • h) 20:17-19;
  • i) 20:20-26;
  • j) 20:27-44;
  • k) 20:45-47;
  • l) 21:1-4;
  • m) 21:5-28;
  • n) 21:29-37.

2. In the table below there are several task, in order to prepare our session. Please try to complete the tasks.

Choose one of the divisions presented at point 1.
Read the text of the division chosen.
Try to name the person or the category of people (you met in the text) who need Jesus to be their guest more than others.
Why do you consider that a person / category needs Jesus more than other?
Give a title to the division you chose and read.

3. Look at the picture below and answer if the congregation you belong to as a whole – a community of disciples – can be associated with any of the “banks”. Try to explain why yes and why no. Where do you think you would meet Jesus (as guest) most often?

Bank - Food - Bank
Bank – Food – Bank

I look forward to meeting you.

Revd. Bernard Noghiu

~~~~ ###### ~~~~

II. The following materials are intended for the group leader, in order to prepare the meeting.

The group leader will invite the participants to present the chosen text in turn, to read it or just to make a summary if it is too long and to present it following the steps recommended in the table.

The leader will record the divisions chosen by the members of the group and will order them in ascending order, mentioning also the titles they received from the participants.

The next step is the one in which the group leader creates, based on the presented divisions, a new text, excluding the divisions that were not chosen. The leader will then present to the group the result, or how the text was rearranged.

In conclusion, the leader will invite the group members to look at the picture (from point 3) with the two benches and to try to answer the two questions. Explain to members that the answer should be short.

It is very important that the leader does not lead the discussion in any direction. This will help participants to communicate their opinion more easily and will allow a better understanding of how Jesus is a guest and for whom. From here they will understand the model to follow.

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