Good or Bad – Advent 1

How many times have we heard about what is good and what is not? With each event that approaches, on the occasion of each holiday, it is argued in the same way: it is good like that or it is bad like that. The approach of Christmas is no exception.

I have often thought that we should have a different approach to what is happening and being done, instead of wasting our time in discussions that are repeated from year to year or even from day to day.

Maybe I have already aroused your curiosity and you want to go through a series of discussions to avoid the “good or bad” dilemma, but to help us get to what is essential. Below is the first video. I promise that others will follow, not only during Advent and Christmas.

But I must confess that it is not a new idea to start this series. In fact, it is a processing of an older idea and material. For now, thank you for being with me, but it would be wonderful if you would come with your contribution, through the comments you can write, using the comment form below. God bless.

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