Sunset Is Often More Glorious Than Sunrise – New Year’s Eve

Special messages, big words, smiling faces flooded with goodwill and empathy – that’s what we can see on TV channels and hear on the radio. But do you know that the sunset is often more […]

The danger of “I KNOW” and the difficulty and the value of agreeing – VIDEO & TEXT

Mid-week Reflection – (Matthew 18:19-20) [12th August 2020] We are in the week in which the festival of the Blessed Virgin Mary appears on the calendar of the Church of England, for the 15th of […]

What then will this child become? – Mid-week Reflection – TEXT & VIDEO

Nativity of Saint John the Baptist, by Pontormo, created 1526.,_nativit%C3%A0_del_battista_01.jpg

(Luke 1:57-66; 80) [24 June 2020] The basis for this mid-week reflection is the fragment taken from the Gospel according to Luke, chapter one, verses 57 to 66 and verse 80. But, for a better […]

VIDEO & TEXT – The Church and the Polis / Politics. A meditation for a week (John 17:11-19) [27 May 2020]

Christ among the Doctors, c. 1560, by Paolo Veronese, Public Domain,

When we speak about the Church’s involvement in politics, the spirits are very hot on both sides: on the part of those who want the Church involved in politics and on the part of those […]

VIDEO & TEXT: Sermon / Talk for the Second Sunday of Easter – 19th of April, 2020

Carl Bloch - "The Doubting Thomas" - 1881

(John 20:19-31) Christ is risen! Alleluia! Alleluia! In the Gospel appointed for today (John 20:19-31), we can read the story of the two meetings of Jesus with his disciples, after the resurrection. Did you notice […]