The calling star (A story and activity for children)

It was night. The darkness covered the town with his black coat. Everyone seemed to sleep, almost everyone, because high up in the sky a stubborn star found a way out through the night’s coat and begun to shine. Her light could be seen from afar. She chose to stay above a beautiful church, like a soldier on duty. She came long way, looking for this place and now she was very happy because she found it. “But where are the guests?” the star asked herself. She looked through the one of the church’s windows. It was dark inside. “I hope I am not to late” said the star “Where is everyone?” She had been invited to the Jesus birthday and she didn’t want to miss it.

”I have to find a way to get in”, thought the star – and she did find a way in. She began to shine and the church become a bright and friendly place.

Download the picture to your device, print it and colour the space around the star in dark blue and the star in a bright colour, chosen by you, to make it shine!

She saw the baby in the poor manger on the cold floor. Close to him were Mary and Joseph, his parents.

The star bowed his head in front of Jesus and said: “Your Majesty, allow me to go on the sky and to shine like I have never done before and let the people know that you are here.”

She went deep in the darkness of the sky and shined how brightly she could. Suddenly, angels from haven, wise men and shepherd arrived to the new born King. In a small house, not far from the church, looking at the sky trough the small window of his room a child heard the calling of the star. He ran to his parents and said: “A star from the sky told me that Jesus was born and he is in our church in the crib. Let’s visit him!”

(Article written for St. Mary’s Church’s Magazine, Prittlewell, February/March 2020)

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