Why should I ask?

Why should I ask you if you already know what I’m missing?
Why should I talk to you about those I love if you know them better?
Why should I talk to you about my fears if you have them in front of you?
Why should I talk to you about my pains if you are already in my mind, soul and body?
Why should I pray for me and for those who ask me to pray for them if you know what we want to pray?

So many things seem pointless when I do them because I know you know them all.

Praying Hands by Albrecht Dürer (c. 1508)
Praying Hands by Albrecht Dürer (c. 1508)

Today, you broke the silence.

”You’re right, I already know.
This is not a game of God and man.
It is about love and respect.
I stop bringing in my mind what I know.
I limit myself and come to you.
I listen as is the first time I have known about what you want to tell me and ask.
It is such a great delight to see what you love trough your eyes.
It is such a pain to see what makes you to suffer.
It is such a lovely filing listening to you as a friend.
I don’t compete with you.
It is not about winning and losing.
It is about being together.
You know that I am with you.
I love to see you and your life trough your eyes.
And to let you know that you are not alone and you are not forgotten.”

Then I’ll talk to you, maybe too much sometimes.
And when I forget that you like so much to see my life and me through my eyes,
Remind me how much you like this;
And I will ask.

(Prittlewell, Southend on Sea – UK, 30/04/2020)

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