A flower for today: Lady’s Flower

Lady’s Flower

In the region where I was born, two languages ​​were commonly spoken. If I translate the name my mother used for the flower I chose for today, then it is the Lady’s Flower. Certainly this flower has other names, or the name my mother used was not exactly the name used in general.

When the plant sprouts from the small seed, it is extremely fragile, and the snails love it very much. So it takes a lot of effort to keep the snails at bay. But once the plant has grown over 10 centimetres, it becomes very resistant both to pests and especially to drought. It doesn’t make too many pretensions with the soil either. The plant reaches maturity in July and begins to open more and more buds, some pink, some orange, red, yellow or white. My mother has loved these flowers for a long time, but also my sister – who left us while she was very young – loved them very much.

I didn’t talk much about this flower with my wife. I just told her that I like it because my mother also had these flowers in her garden, which bloomed until the first frost. My wife did not explain to me why she loves these flowers too.

I like to use the name my mother used for this flower: Lady’s Flower.

Each of us has a special woman in his life who deserves to be celebrated. Have you tried to associate one flower or another with her / them?

How many times have you felt that you want to sing for joy for she came into your life? Or thank God for that? We can do it right now: “How beautiful you are, my love, how very beautiful!” (Song of Solomon 4:1a) and “The Lord has done great things for us, and we rejoiced. (Psalm 126:3).

And a little secret: today is my wife’s birthday…

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