Reconciliation and peace

The red sunset, a border to unknown times, I was immersing him in my soul And I chewed it with endless dreams. Foreign sunset of the cold autumn in searching, A goal in extinguishing the […]

Împăciuiri și liniști

Apusul roșu, un hotar spre neștiute timpuri, Îl scufundam în sufletu-mi de gânduri Și-l mestecam cu nesfârșite visuri. Apus străin al toamnei reci în căutare, Un scop în stingerea sfârșitului de zi, Un început de […]

I’m fine / Sunt bine

  “How are you?”, I asked my best friend. “Are you just greeting me or are you really asking me how I am?”, my friend replied. “Why do you answer me like that?”, I continued. […]

VIDEO presentation: Lent to go in 9 steps – Step 9. The story does not stop here

Our series of reflections “Lent to go in 9 steps” has come to an end. Although the whole series focuses on what Lent means and the most important celebrations of this liturgical period, it does […]

VIDEO presentation: Lent to go in 9 steps – Step 8. Around the table: between togetherness and betrayal

We gather around the table to celebrate, to party, to strengthen our ties, to tell stories. There are so many wonderful things going on around the table. But that is why a bad thing is […]