A flower for today: Lady’s Flower

In the region where I was born, two languages ​​were commonly spoken. If I translate the name my mother used for the flower I chose for today, then it is the Lady’s Flower. Certainly this […]

A flower for today: Pansy

In September 2019, I was very happy when I saw that the house I was going to move to had a garden. But the garden had no trees, shrubs, bushes or flowers, only grass mixed […]

A flower for today: Garden Orchid

I wanted to try with new flowers in my garden. The flowers in the photo on the bag of bulbs looked fantastic. I planted them in a long row on the space between the grass […]

A flower for today: Sunflower

I don’t know why flowers are the plants that help me the most to remember my childhood. Today I chose the sunflower. Many sunflower plants grew in my childhood garden. At that time I was […]

A flower for today: Dahlia


I had forgotten the time when dahlia flowers appear in gardens. Missing the garden of my childhood, where my mother used to dahlias, I planted dahlias in my garden every year, here in Southend-On-Sea, but […]