Slimming World and Christianity – Epiphany 2

In an article in the Church Times, issue 8287 of January 14, 2022, I read how the author invites us to see how Slimming World works and to try to apply it to the growth […]

Who is who!? – Epiphany 1

If you are not a Christian or have no faith, be sure to celebrate the 8th day of the new year. If you are of a different religion, be sure to celebrate something specific to […]

Sunset Is Often More Glorious Than Sunrise – New Year’s Eve

Special messages, big words, smiling faces flooded with goodwill and empathy – that’s what we can see on TV channels and hear on the radio. But do you know that the sunset is often more […]

The Young Drunk Father – Christmas 1

I am sure you have often reflected on how our society behaves in the Advent time and on the day of the Christmas Feast. What do you say when our society seems to be a […]

Say Hello to the Future – Advent 4

Good or bad. Give a chance. Don’t take yourself too seriously. But the most important thing is to say hello to the future, our future, the future of others, starting with this moment, from here, […]