VIDEO presentation: Lent to go in 9 steps – Step 6 / Cu subtitrare în limba română

Step by step we approach the Easter Feast. Following our plan of reflections, we are already at the 6th ”step”. After Mothering Sunday or Rejoice Sunday, our focus is more on the Passion of Jesus. […]

“Here is your mother” – Short reflection / Sermon for the Fourth Sunday of Lent – Mothering Sunday – 14th March 2021

John 19:25b-27 After the agitation during the journey to the place of the crucifixion, during his ascension to the cross and the moments that followed immediately, when some mocked Jesus, the text we just read […]

„Aici este al tău / a ta” – Scurtă reflecție / predică pentru Duminica a Patra a Postului Mare – Mothering Sunday sau Duminica Laetare – 14 Martie 2021

Ioan 19:25b-37 După agitația din timpul drumului spre locul răstignirii, din timpul urcării sale pe cruce și momentele ce au urmat imediat, când unii își băteau joc de Isus, textul pe care tocmai l-am citit […]

VIDEO presentation: Lent to go in 9 steps – Step 5 / Cu subtitrare în limba română

And here we are taking the step five of the nine steps we set out to do in this Lent. As we promised with the previous step, the video fragment is also subtitled in Romanian. […]

Reflection about Genesis 50:15-26

Hi, everyone. This evening I invite all of you to reflect together on the final chapter of the book of Genesis. The central point of this reading is forgiveness, born of faith and love and […]