Cam ce scriam despre Valentine’s Day acum 11 ani

În ziua de 13 februarie, 2009, pe când încă nu eram căsătorit, scriam pe blogul meu de atunci povestea de mai jos. În același an, în data de 8 august, m-am căsătorit. Am continuat să […]

The calling star (A story and activity for children)

It was night. The darkness covered the town with his black coat. Everyone seemed to sleep, almost everyone, because high up in the sky a stubborn star found a way out through the night’s coat […]

Why we do Christingles?

Christingles’ service time 2019, St. Mary, Prittlewell.

It seems like it was yesterday. First, the Christingles service for the children from St. Mary’s Primary School and later for those who have wanted to come to celebrate in our church. Parents, children, grandparents […]

Let’s give voice to those who don’t have one

A few weeks ago I started to meet members of our congregation. These meetings are part of my formation and pastoral activity here, in Prittlewell (Southend on Sea, UK). Sipping from his cup of tea, […]