Reflection about Genesis 50:15-26

Hi, everyone. This evening I invite all of you to reflect together on the final chapter of the book of Genesis. The central point of this reading is forgiveness, born of faith and love and fed by hope: “Joseph Forgives His Brothers”.

We all know Joseph’s story, the way that his brothers sold him as a slave to the Egyptians, because they were jealous of him.

The turn of events tell us that Joseph never was at the mercy of chance. His destiny was in God’s hand, who has the power to turn the evil for good. The brothers’ evil deed is used by God for his purpose, and in this sense, that deed is part of salvation history.

The story presents Joseph as a man with a right attitude: he trusts in God with all his heart. There is no trace of resentment, no complaining, and no questioning of God.

He forgives his brothers with tears. He gives them food and refuses to charge them.

Forgiveness is a word which plays an important roll in Joseph’s life and in ours. It has the power to heal our wounded souls and restore our relationship with others.

The ability to forgive is one of the resources that God has given to us. But it is up to us to use it.

Forgiveness is more than forgive the person who hurt us, is about forgiving ourselves, allowed us to experience healthy and positive growth.

Listening to Joseph’s story, I remembered a book which I read recently: “The Broken Wings”.

Shireen, the author of the book, speaks about her life, destroyed by her parents, the ones who should love and protect her, and saved by the loving father God.

In the last chapter of the book she speaks about forgiveness. “It was difficult to forgive my parents, but in that day my life change.” She continues: “Now I am free; my broken wings are healed and I can fly as God intended. I can freely praise him: for I know I am the precious and highly valued daughter of a mighty King – my loving father God”.

Reflection – Chelmsford – 11 March 2021
Via Zoom
Cornelia Noghiu

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