Bible Study – Luke. Session 3: Our story begins with our birthday, where our life starts, and our life in the family (Luke 1:5-3:38)

I. A few days before the session, the following text could be sent to the participants in order to better prepare and be active. 1. Luke chapter 1, verses 5 to chapter 3, verses 38, […]

The painful consequence of the confusion between being saved and having – VIDEO & TEXT

Painting: Ottheinrich-Bibel, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek - Medieval illumination of Jesus exorcizing the Gerasene demoniac from the Ottheinrich Folio -

Mid-week Reflection – The Story (Matthew 8:28-34) [1st July 2020] Hi everybody and I’m glad to meet again for a new mid-week reflection. Today I will start our reflection with a story. It’s a little […]