Who is who!? – Epiphany 1

If you are not a Christian or have no faith, be sure to celebrate the 8th day of the new year. If you are of a different religion, be sure to celebrate something specific to your faith. We Christians, these days, celebrate the way in which Jesus, the firstborn born in the manger, then the young man who made his disciples, began to make his identity known to the people. First, it is a baby, then the child as a symbol of hope adored by the shepherds, then the child adored as the king of the Magi, then the young man who came to be baptized and recognized by John the Baptist as the Son of Man and confirmed by the voice of the Father in heaven as his Son.

This time is a time when we are asked to look around and look at what our leaders, the leaders of the world, and those in charge look like to us. For a brief reflection, watch the video below.

To watch the full series of reflections, follow this link: https://www.meaningscbn.com/category/bernards-posts/good-or-bad/.

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