Bible Study – Luke. Session 10: Our departure from this world will give many the expected answer, even to us (Luke 22:66 – 23:56)

I. A few days before the session, the following text could be sent to the participants in order to better prepare and be active.

1. Luke 22:66 – 23:56 can be divided:

  • a) 22:66-71;
  • b) 23:1-7;
  • c) 23:8-12;
  • d) 23:13-16;
  • e) 23:17-25;
  • f) 23:26-31;
  • g) 23:32-38;
  • h) 23:39-43:
  • i) 23:44-49;
  • j) 23:50-56.

2. In the table below there are several task, in order to prepare our session. Please try to complete the tasks.

Without reading the text appointed for this session, please choose on of the divisions from the point 1.
Read the text of the division you chose.
Try to explain for the members of the group what you found helpful in understanding better who is Jesus (in the chosen division).
Give a title for the chosen division, without being inspired by the tiles you can find in your Bible (if there is one for the division you chose).

3. Below are two images of the same size. One of the images is a puzzle whose pieces are marked with the letters of the divisions of the text proposed for today’s session. The second image is a photograph of a mosaic depicting Jesus. Print the images’ page. After that, fold the sheet of paper with the two images so that the images remain on the outside of the folded sheet of paper. Glue them. Cut out the puzzle piece with the letter corresponding to the division you chose to read (At the same time, you will notice that from the image with the mosaic will disappear an area identical to the cut puzzle piece). Keep the puzzle piece and the cut out image / sheet of paper for the session.

Jesus Christ, mosaic Turkey
Jesus Christ, mosaic Turkey

I look forward to meeting you.

Revd. Bernard Noghiu

~~~~ ###### ~~~~

II. The following materials are intended for the group leader, in order to prepare the meeting.

The leader will carefully note the divisions chosen by each member of the group.
The leader will write down the main idea of the explanation that each member gives to the text read.

After that, the leader will write down the titles that the members of the group gave to the division they chose to deepen.

In the end, he will ask the group members if they cut the puzzle piece corresponding to the chosen division and will ask him to show the group how the mosaic was affected, after the puzzle piece was cut.

The group leader will cut out the puzzle pieces corresponding to the divisions that were not chosen, in case divisions remain unread.

He will show the group what the remaining mosaic looks like and explain that this is also the case with the reality of the life and identity of Jesus, but also of every human being, when a part of it has not been discovered or said, but this does not mean that it does not exist.

The leader will invite the group members to meditate on this truth that we find around us instead of the usual prayer at the end of the meeting: limited interest, limited knowledge does not make a person's life and identity less complete and valuable. Each moment is a piece of puzzles that adds to the other's deeper understanding, but will never exhaust it. There will always be room for wonder.

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