VIDEO presentation: Lent to go in 9 steps – Step 8. Around the table: between togetherness and betrayal

We gather around the table to celebrate, to party, to strengthen our ties, to tell stories. There are so many wonderful things going on around the table. But that is why a bad thing is felt more painfully when it happens around the table, when we are gathered there. Judas betrays at the table, and in his soul it is darker than in the night outside, when he left the table. His betrayal means the beginning of Jesus’ way of the cross. When we are betrayed we begin to climb this path of the cross in pain, suffering. When we betray, someone begins to climb this path of the cross in suffering. Maundy Thursday: For more historical details, context, explanations and reflection, watch the video.

To watch the video clips corresponding to the previous steps, follow the link:
Lent to go in 9 steps.

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