The Young Drunk Father – Christmas 1

I am sure you have often reflected on how our society behaves in the Advent time and on the day of the Christmas Feast. What do you say when our society seems to be a […]

Good or Bad – Advent 1

How many times have we heard about what is good and what is not? With each event that approaches, on the occasion of each holiday, it is argued in the same way: it is good […]

Bible Study – Luke. Session 8: Whose guest would we like to be? After all, who are we? (Luke 19-21)

Bank - Food - Bank

I. A few days before the session, the following text could be sent to the participants in order to better prepare and be active. 1. Luke 19-21 can be divided: a) 19:1-10; b) 19:11-27; c) […]

VIDEO & TEXT – Promise and Challenge. Sermon / Short talk for the Fifth Sunday of Easter – 17th May 2020 – (John 14:15-21)

POPOV Paul (Russian classic) - The Last Supper

The Gospel appointed for this Sunday is taken from John. It is a fragment, part of Jesus’ message given to his disciples in the last supper’s night. Jesus is talking about his death. Judas has […]

VIDEO and TEXT: Correctness and truth. A meditation for a week (John 15:1-8) [13 May 2020]

Before the lock down, Wednesday, in the middle of the week, our congregation used to make Eucharist in the church. Thinking about that, for today’s meditation, I chose the Gospel appointed for the Wednesday’s Eucharist: […]