VIDEO presentation: Lent to go in 9 steps – Step 1

Immediately after the New Year, during a meeting with the members of the team ministry, the issue was raised – taking into account the still complicated situation due to the pandemic – of new ideas for the period of Lent.

It didn’t take me long to present my idea, because as I continued the project for Bible Study on Zoom, I was thinking about how I could come different and engaging for the next period, given that the last session of the Bible Study was scheduled a week before Lent began.

My project means a video material, presentation type, divided into nine stages or steps, as it appears in the title. I called the whole material “Lent to go” because it is a simple plan, easy to follow. The presentation is simple and accessible even for teenagers, but can be useful in preparing various materials about Lent and for younger children.

The first video is available today.

Thank you in advance to those who visit my site and appreciate the materials I am trying to prepare further.

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